— By Jeremy Johnson —

The case for solar-powered signage in parking lots.

In today’s competitive retail and hospitality landscape, every aspect of a business must be optimized to create a positive and memorable customer experience. Although the parking lot usually represents the first interaction a customer has with an organization, it is often overlooked, and one crucial element is signage.

Retailers, restaurants and property managers can significantly improve their parking lots by incorporating signage that is solar-powered, reaping a multitude of benefits that extend beyond mere aesthetics. In this article, we will explore the top reasons why solar-powered signage can be a game-changer for businesses.

Enhanced Safety & Traffic Flow

Effective signage is essential for ensuring safety and smooth traffic flow within parking lots. Solar-powered signage can be effective for both wayfinding and marking individual parking spaces. This can become particularly important when considering ADA compliance.

For example, upon entering a parking lot, clear and properly illuminated wayfinding signage can help individuals with disabilities find and navigate to the ADA parking area safely. Once the customer has located the row of ADA parking spaces, a brightly lit and properly elevated ADA sign provides the final guidance into the designated parking space.

Clear, highly visible signage is also beneficial for other types of parking lot requirements, including marking curbside pickup zones, designating drive-thru lanes and more.

Extension of Brand Identity

As the parking lot often serves as the first point of contact for customers, this presents a prime opportunity for businesses to extend their brand identity beyond the confines of their physical establishments. Solar-powered signage offers a customizable platform for businesses to showcase their brand logos, colors and messaging. This serves to reinforce brand recognition and creates a cohesive customer experience from the moment patrons arrive.

Ease of Installation & Flexibility

One of the most significant advantages of solar-powered signage is its ease of installation. Unlike traditional lighted signage that necessitates digging trenches and running electrical wiring under the pavement, solar-powered signs can be conveniently mounted on existing signposts anywhere in the parking lot. This flexibility in placement allows businesses to strategically position signage for optimal visibility and impact.


In addition to minimal installation and maintenance costs, solar-powered signage offers long term cost savings through reduced energy expenses. By using solar power, businesses can eliminate the need for grid-connected electricity, lowering operational costs and enhancing profitability.

Moreover, the federal government, as well as many states and cities, offer incentives and tax credits for businesses that invest in solar technology.

Adaptability & Customization

Business needs and messaging evolve over time, necessitating signage that can adapt accordingly. Solar-powered signage offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing businesses to easily update and swap out graphic panels as needed. Whether touting seasonal promotions, announcing new services or highlighting special events, businesses can quickly and easily modify signage to reflect their changing objectives.

Sustainability & Environmental Benefits

Embracing solar-powered signage aligns with a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. By utilizing the sun’s natural power, businesses can minimize their carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving natural resources. Solar energy is clean, renewable and infinitely abundant, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious businesses looking to minimize their impact on the planet.

Community Engagement & Perception

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and innovation can bolster a business’s reputation and foster stronger connections with the community. Solar-powered signage serves as a visible testament to a business’s dedication to environmental responsibility, resonating with eco-conscious consumers and potentially attracting new clientele. Additionally, businesses that prioritize sustainability may appeal to environmentally minded investors and partners, creating new opportunities for growth and collaboration.


Incorporating solar-powered signage into parking lots is a savvy investment for retailers, restaurants and property managers seeking to enhance the customer experience, demonstrate environmental responsibility and optimize operational efficiency. From sustainability and low maintenance costs to improved traffic flow and safety, the benefits of solar-powered signage are undeniable. By harnessing the power of the sun, businesses can illuminate their parking lots and pave the way to a brighter, more sustainable future.

— Jeremy Johnson is marketing manager of Holland, Mich.-based FlexPost, which helps organizations manage traffic and keep people safe as they utilize curbside pickup, ADA, EV charging and other types of reserved parking. FlexPost® manufactures innovative flexible signpost and bollard systems for retailers, restaurants and more. Email: [email protected].

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