Surplus Store Management

— By Steve Peldiak — What to look for in a surplus property managing partner.   The safety of your families, workforce, partners and customers was understandably top of mind once COVID-19 emerged. Now we are all embracing the forthcoming

Touchless Tips

— By Jon Dommisse — Six ways the pandemic is transforming restroom design.   The global pandemic of COVID-19 is fast-tracking infection control technologies and products in public restrooms. While cleanliness has always been a goal in designing restrooms, coronavirus

Back to Service

— By Patricia Hottel — Managing pests during the pandemic.   Characterizing the effects of the pandemic on restaurant pests can be difficult due to the varied responses across the industry. Coping with COVID-19 challenges has resulted in varying degrees

Relevant Risk

— By Crystal Jacobs — Restaurant cybersecurity and cyber insurance are more relevant than ever as online orders boom amid COVID-19.   As the Covid-19 viral pandemic continues to cause major disruptions throughout the global economy, countless restaurants across the

Inspecting Disinfectants

— By Marc Ferguson — A closer look at electrostatic sprayers. Of all industries, COVID-19 has impacted the hospitality industry just about the hardest. Now, as restaurants around the country begin to reopen, most are taking several steps to ensure

Go the Extra Mile

— By Darren Waxman — Retail has changed forever. It’s time to make a pandemic pivot.   The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way American’s interact, communicate, work, shop, and mingle. Social distancing has instantly become the new normal,

Detecting Hotspots

— By Adam Walker — As the foodservice industry changes, fire protection technology offers smarter, more scalable solutions with electric detection for complex cooking environments.   Today’s commercial kitchens are evolving to meet consumer demands. Dining destinations throughout the world

Before the Snow

— By Trent Limban —   Snow season will sneak up on you! Now is the time to prepare.   Although it’s summertime and blazing hot in most of the country, now is the time when multi-site facility managers should

Beware the Pandemic Profiteer

— By Thomas Holland —   When you need disinfection and you need it fast, you have to be careful.   As restaurants, retailers and other businesses reopen across the country, they are doing everything in their power to help

All Hands On Deck

— By Fabio Vitali — Protecting your brand in a precarious time.   As businesses open their doors following COVID-19-related closures, they face a range of new challenges. From sourcing essential supplies and meeting the increased demand for cleaning to

Optimize Performance & Costs

— By Paul Bothner — Proper water heater selection impacts your restaurant’s bottom line.   As the restaurant industry reopens its doors after the national shutdown, owners are even more focused on improving operating profits. One area of evaluation needs

Shifting Priorities

— By Elizabeth Orlieb — HVAC systems are no longer an afterthought post COVID-19 lockdown.   Discussions on HVAC systems and maintenance best practices have become prominent amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With this development comes the recognition that HVAC in

Rise Above the Risk

— By Justin Kissinger — Why scissor lifts rise to the top in safety.   Whether young or old, short or tall, every employee has the right to be safe while performing tasks on the jobsite, and high-reach work in

Up to the Challenge

— By Beverly Raphael Altman —   At RCC Associates, we are not strangers to adversity or challenges facing our industry.   [EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was intended to run in May 2020 but was sidelined along with many other

Digital Signage as Customer Service

— By Garry Wicka — Giving peace of mind in uncertain times, digital signage displays help inform each and every customer and employee of store rules and government guidelines.   As retailers, restaurants and public-facing businesses of all kinds prepare

How to Reopen Safely

— By Mark Beeston —   Why UV-C sanitizing solutions will save stores and restaurants as they reopen.   COVID-19 has impacted every industry, especially restaurants and retail stores. In March, 44% of U.S. restaurants were temporarily closed and the

What’s Inside Is What Counts

— By Jerry Dill —   When it comes to choosing HVAC air distribution products, there is more than meets the eye.   How often have you heard the saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover?” Plenty, I’m

Is Your Restaurant Ready?

— By Peter Teska — With heightened expectations around hygiene, consider these best practices when you reopen.   In many countries, restaurants were among the first to feel the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Bookings disappeared almost overnight, followed

Next Steps

— By Brendan Kennedy — What retail businesses must do in a post-COVID world.   It’s heartbreaking to see the devastation COVID-19 has had on the world, but especially for retailers and their employees abruptly impacted by the virtual halt

How to Reconnect

— By Matt Brown — Considerations for a successful return to growth for restaurants and retailers. When the COVID-19 pandemic sent everyone into their homes in March, businesses had to make fundamental changes to their operations. The restaurant industry “doubled-down”

Workable Response

— By Deb Millette — Advice for facilities management teams in the midst of COVID-19.   [EDITOR’S NOTE: This article originally appeared in the May 2020 issue of Retail & Restaurant Facility Business magazine.] In the face of the worldwide

Out Of The Darkness

— By Theresa Phelps —   Dark store management during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.   During this uncertain time, we know it’s causing stress on multi-site companies including retailers and restaurants. As we like to say, “We’re in this

Risky Business?

— By Christine Cunning, CIC —   Considerations for restaurants converting to delivery during coronavirus.   These are incredibly challenging times for individuals and small businesses across the country. Few industries have been hit as hard as the restaurant industry.

Digital First

— By Mike Welsh —   Retail curbside pickup and mobile apps are here to stay — what that reliance on a digital platform means for the industry moving forward in a post-COVID world.   In an effort to understand

Great Adaptations

— By Jill Woodside — Facilities management during crises: Best practices to succeed.   Numerous risks surround facilities management and those problems swell during major facilities management crises. The COVID-19 crisis is the most obvious, but its impact on facilities